The Right Place To Start

Last year, the Province of British Columbia (through BC Housing) commissioned two important studies. The first is the most comprehensive study of the costs of high-performance buildings ever undertaken in Canada. The second is an industry capacity survey that examined the readiness of the building industry to deliver on the Step Code.

The research suggests that meeting the requirements of the Lower Steps will involve only very modest construction premiums. In most cases, builders can meet their requirements for less than a 1.5 percent premium above the construction cost of a conventional home. It also showed that the industry is ready to deliver these homes.

That’s why we are urging local governments to require Step 3 across the board for almost all new homes built in their community. The study shows that the costs of doing so are minimal, while the benefits are measurable and significant. We can get better homes now and take significant action on climate change.

If you are an elected official or local-government staff member and would like to request a presentation on the Step Code, one of our members will be pleased to help. Please reach out to

If you are a citizen, please email your local-government leaders and ask them to require Step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code across your community.  Point them to this site, and in particular our “Why Adopt It?” page. You might also write a letter to the editor of your community newspaper, or post to one of your community’s Facebook groups. Thank you!